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Meet The Pastor

Amelin and Huia Yongo are pastoring the Potter's

House  Christian Fellowship Church in Lower Hutt. They

both faithfully served in the Hamilton Potter's House

Church and have been entrusted with now pastoring the

church in Wellington. Prior to Amelin and Huia arriving

at the end of July 2021 the Lower Hutt church was

pastored by Dallyn and Naby Stevens who did a

wonderful job establishing the church there. The Lower

Hutt Church will be forever grateful for the time and investment that the Stevens put into the church and are excited to see what will come in this next chapter of the church.

Amelin Yongo is a music composer which God has used in many ways. He comes from a religious family and attended church as a child, however, he made the decision to follow Jesus and made Him his personal Saviour. Since then, his life has changed and he has remained in the service of Jesus Christ his Lord.


Huia was brought up in a Mormon home (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints). With crisis in her life from choices she had made, she came to a point where she had to truly seek God for what 'truth' was. God spoke to her clearly telling her that what she had always 'known' was not truth. After searching the Bible looking for truth, God spoke to her about being 'born again,' she gave her life to Jesus that same week and has been serving God ever since.


Amelin and Huia have two young daughters Zanna and Zoe. They moved with their family from Hamilton to Wellington late July 2021 to carry out God's will for their lives and for the city of Wellington.  



Pastor Amelin & Huia Yongo

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