Meet The Pastor

Dallyn and Naby have a sincere and deep desire

to reach out to the people of Wellington. They are

passionate about laying their lives down for

others, as Jesus Christ laid His life down for us.

Naby grew up in Australia, she faced many

hurdles in her life, the greatest one of all was

depression. At age 20 years old she became

suicidal, she was lost and needed desperate help.

A friend invited her to church and she heard the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time. That day she gave her life to Christ and He quickly helped her change her life around. Since then she has overcome her battle with depression and has used her story and experiences to help others. Dallyn grew up in a Christian home, he attended church every Sunday with his family. As he grew older he faced many challenges in life that were very testing to his Christianity. He soon realised he was far from God, he couldn't live his Christianity through his parents and that he needed his own relationship with God. He gave his heart to Jesus, and since then he has been faithfully serving Him. God has used Dallyns life to reach out to others and he is now fulfilling the wonderful destiny God has for him.

 The Potter's House Christian Church, Lower Hutt, Wellington takes seriously and seeks to fulfill the calling that Jesus set out for us in His word, "Go into all the world and preach to every creature" (Mark 16:15). In 2016, Dallyn and Naby were planted out from the Hamilton church into Wellington. They have seen God move powerfully in Lower Hutt and are excited for what's to come. They also invite you to come and experience the power of God for yourself!





Pastor Dallyn and Naby Stevens